1. El petit de cal eril
    Guissona, Spain
  2. Sanjosex
    Barcelona, Spain
  3. Mazoni
    La Bisbal D'Empordà, Spain
  4. The Gramophone Allstars
    Barcelona, Spain
  5. Marialluïsa
    CT, Spain
  6. Carles Viarnès
    Barcelona, Spain
  7. Ran Ran Ran
    Barcelona, Spain
  8. Esperit!
    CT, Spain
  9. Les Cruet
    CT, Spain
  10. Maria Jaume
    PM, Spain
  11. Fetus
    Barcelona, Spain
  12. Càntut
    Cassà De La Selva, Spain
  13. Da Souza
    Barcelona, Spain
  14. Chaqueta de Chándal
    Tulsa, Oklahoma


Bankrobber Barcelona, Spain

Bankrobber is an independent music label from Barcelona running since 2002, we cover loads of different styles going from pop, electronica to folk, rock and experimental.

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